June 12, 2019

Making a Bed One-handed

I love the feel of clean sheets so I wanted to learn to make a bed.  Putting a fitted bottom sheet on the bed is easy to do one-handed.  I slip my sound palm into the corner of the sheet.  Then I shove both my hand and the fabric down under the mattress.

It is harder to put flat linens on the bed with one hand.  First I have to make several trips around the bed to make sure the top sheet and blanket hang down equally on both sides.  I lift a corner of the mattress with my sound hand so I can hold the corner in the air with my hemiplegic forearm, and then use my sound hand to tuck the flat linens under the mattress.  When a queen-size mattress got too heavy for me to hold in the air I switched to a single mattress.

I cheat by letting the pillow sit on top of the bedspread.  Leaning over to neatly tuck the bedspread under the pillow is too much of a balance challenge for me.  I also cheat by not making multiple trips so the bedspread hangs down evenly.  The black line at the edge of the mattress shows the bedspread is crooked.

In 16 years I have never thought I should go to a long-term care facility because my bed looks like it was made by a child.   homeafterstroke.blogspot.com

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