September 20, 2021

Oh Snap!

A podcast with a retired astronaut taught me the next phase of "BILLIONAIRES IN SPACE" is going to hit a big snag.  Rich people do not know that visiting the International Space Station (ISS) means living with a bunch of really smelly people - something they would never do on Earth.  The astronaut said there is no bathing in space.  After exercising for 2 hours every day, the crew tries to get clean by using wipes and removing what they can with towels.  This is not the really bad news.  Everyone wears the same clothes for days until they become "almost unbearable" (smelly, crusty, both?).  The crew puts the dirty clothes in a bag which is incinerated after it is ejected into space.    I love my shower chair and hose more than ever.

After seeing a female astronaut on the ISS with her pony tail fanned out in 6 long clumps behind her head, I knew the beautifully coiffered hair I saw in science fiction movies was fiction.  Bummer!


  1. LOL Rebecca! I love science fiction too. But don't you remember in Star Trek they had sonic (ionic) showers? I don't know about in Star Wars. They didn't waste 120 pages with even the mention of showering. "Aliens had a shower with water. Maybe the ISS needs to revisit some more Sci-fi to figure it out before the uber rich go up there to stay.

  2. Man, you have to be really intrepid to deal with not washing/bathing while you're in space for most of a year. I'm not sure I could do it.