April 12, 2017

Migrating My Blog

Verion Fios is forcing customers to migrate their e-mail accounts to aol.  I have successfully migrated 3 accounts, but the sub-account that supports this blog is not yet eliglible for migration.  This makes me nervous because accounts are terminated if they are not migrated by the cut-off date.

If this is my last post I will be forced to start another blog.  IF I am forced to do this I may call my new blog Working Smarter Instead of Harder After a Stroke.


  1. I hope not! I've been following you for a couple months. I'm also a stroke survivor who was, initially, paralyzed on the right side (thankfully I'm left-handed). Now, almost a year later, I walk with a quad cane and I can move my fingers a little but basically I'm functioning with one hand. I'm interested in any tips/suggestions/exercises you might have.

  2. I hope this blog will remain available somehow. I've sent several people over to read through the archives when faced with mobility workarounds or how to do things one-handed. You've taught us so much!

  3. I hope it works out without too many headaches!

    I still really enjoy your blog, and I will look for it.

    1. Grace it is good to hear from you. If Verizon tags my sub-account for migration I may not have to take the drastic step of starting a new blog. I wanted my readers to know why I stopped posting if Blogspot stopped responding because the e-mail address I used to set up this blog disappeared.