January 26, 2017

We All Can Help Emergency Responders

A presentation by an emergency responder taught me they need our help.  He recommended we keep a list of medications and contact numbers stuck to the refrigerator door with a magnet. 
I did this and added a copy of my living will.  I hope the gaudy turtle magnet catches their eye.

When I am out I have a special compartment in my purse that holds emergency information.

# 1 (green paper) is a list of phone numbers I need.
# 2 is a copy of my living will that includes contact
information for my brother who has the power of attorney for my health care.
# 3 is a list of  my medications.  My mother was wrong.  Contact information, a living will, and a list of medications are more important than having clean underwear when visiting an emergency room.
# 4 is a gel pen that is one of the writing aids I cannot live without.  I use this pen to sign credit card slips and write notes on a small index card I keep in this compartment. 

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