December 16, 2016

Organizing My Purse is a Vital Shopping Strategy

Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury line up every 50 to 100 years.  This rare celestial event will happen before I go digging through my purse one-handed.  Organizing my purse eliminates frustration when I go shopping.  Every woman organizes her purse differently so this is not a
how-to post.  The examples are intended to help stroke survivors realize that a purse does not have to be a buzz kill.  Holiday shopping is supposed to be FUN.

My car key has its own compartment.  The green wrist coil makes it easy to retrieve quickly.  My house key is attached to a straight flexible coil that hooks on my purse.  I pull on this coil to make my house key slip out of its pocket.  I do not want to be an easy target because I am digging through my purse looking for a key.  

I can handle credit cards quickly because I keep them in a zippered compartment that holds ONLY a credit card, driver's license, ATM card, and library card.  While sitting in my car I get out the card I need and place it vertically so it stands out from the other cards that are horizontal.  Cards go back in this zippered compartment in a flash.  Less frequently used cards like my health insurance card are in another compartment.  I do not want to hear the people behind me in line moan because I am struggling with my credit cards.

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