December 4, 2016

Keeping My Christmas Spirit

This is a photo of the artificial Christmas tree I have put up every year since my stroke.  After I fell on my patio last October I looked for ways to reduce my risk for falling.  Denial finally faded so I could allow myself to picture what would have happened if I had broken my hip. 

I had already made myself safer by keeping furniture sliders under the lounge chair next to this window so I can move it out of my way.  This allowed me to place a folding chair next to the tree so I could sit down when decorating the bottom of the tree.  However, decorating this six foot tree is tiring.  I know fatigue is one of my triggers for falling so I ordered a small table top tree.

I am happy  the figures of the magi and shepherd visiting the Christ child create a Christmas tableau in front of the tree.  I made these figures years ago when my hobby was needlecraft.  I also love the tiny Christmas tree balls.  I am always amazed by how happy small things make me.

I have held onto the decorations for my big tree so I still have options if I change my mind - probably denial still at work.

1 comment:

  1. Merry Christmas Rebecca! Your little tree is just precious!

    Leave it to you to always figure things out.