May 4, 2016

Grateful My PT Taught Me to Squat

I did NOT do this
I am glad my in-patient PT made me squat while reaching down with my sound hand to pick up plastic cones sitting on a low stool and place the cones on a shelf at head height.  She did NOT have me squat deeply like the body builder in the photo.  She had me
do a partial squat while leaning over to reach close to the floor. 

At first I loved squats because I felt safer when both feet were on the floor than when I had to repeatedly stand on one foot while walking.  When I learned how useful squats are I asked my PT to let me do them every day.  The list below shows the value of this basic skill I took for granted as an able-bodied person.  I have used this skill thousands of times in the 12 years since my stroke.
NOTE: Reaching for objects overhead is dangerous when I drop the objects on my head.

  A partial squat makes me more stable when I lean down to:
* Pull up my underwear up after toileting
* Pick up my cane after it has fallen on the floor for the thousandth time! 
* Get clothing out of the bottom drawer of the dresser
* Get shoes from the floor of the closet
* Get a milk carton sitting on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator
* Get a box of cereal from the bottom shelf of a kitchen cabinet
* Get a pot from the bottom shelf of a kitchen cabinet
* Place and remove dishes from the bottom rack of dishwasher
* Get a box of dishwashing detergent from under the sink
* Pull bed linen straight when making the bed
* Take a book from bottom of book shelf
* Plug a cord into a low electrical outlet 
* Pull clothes out of the dryer
* Fill a watering can with the garden hose
* Empty a waste basket
* Pickup a large bag of garbage I kicked down my stairs to put the bag in the garbage can
* Pick up purchases sitting in the trunk or on the floor of my car


  1. What a long list of exactly the tasks I am avoiding. hmmmmmm

    1. Leaning over with my knees straight makes me feel vulnerable.

  2. Cant squat at all though PT gave me exercises to do so but i could never squat at the knees and i still cant. Would love to see how u squat because its frustrating for me cos i keep losing things in my home and have to squat to look for stuff. Thank you.

    1. What I mean by a "partial squat" is bending my hips and knees enough for my hand to touch my knee. Even this small movement is enough to reach many objects below table top height.