February 3, 2016

Update on Applying Make-up One-Handed

Applying eye liner requires the ability to close one eye while you keep the other open.  I can only blink (close both eyes at once).  So I use mascara to give my eyes more definition.  My affected hand can squeeze tubular shaped objects between my index and middle finger so my sound hand can open the mascara.  Then I had to change to a non-irritating brand of mascara that comes with a funky handle.  Rehab never ends! 
I kept dropping the curved top of the mascara.  This left dark stains on my rug.  I used too much carpet cleaner which left white spots (see black circle).     I put a bandaide that has texture around the top of the mascara to give me better traction. I have stopped dropping the mascara.
My balance is not good enough for me to lean close to the bathroom mirror.  Years ago I attached florescent lights to the mirror hanging over my dresser.  I have a mirror on my dresser with clear Dycem under it to keep it from moving.  Leaning my sound elbow on the edge of my tall dresser gives me good control when applying eye make-up.  A food container keeps make-up organized so it does not spread out on my dresser.  A small round container holds vertical objects upright.  It does not fall over because it is clipped to the square container with a small metal binder clip (see white circle) I got at an office supply store. 
A piece of non-slip shelf liner stops eye shadow and face powder from sliding when I open the container and sweep the brush side-to-side.  I did not know age would rob my lips of the pink color that keeps them from being the same color as my face. It is easy to apply lip gloss with a hint of color because I do not have to draw a precise outline like I do with lipstick.  Now I see lips on the bottom half of my face when I look in the mirror.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences and expertise. A close family member had a stroke 2 weeks ago and your blog offers some hope. Thank you.