July 2, 2015

Driving is More Than Stepping on the Gas

My motto is "I'm independent but I'm slow."  However, I'll bet anyone $100 that I can cover the front windshield of my car with auto shades faster than an able-bodied person.  An able-bodied person would lose because they use accordion style (folded) auto shades where one end falls out of position as soon as you reach for the other end.  I use the kind that look like a big pair of sunglasses.
The spinner knob on my steering wheel lets me drive one-handed, but it gets super hot so auto shades keep my sound hand from getting burned.  The wire rim on these auto shades lets able-bodied people twist them into a circle when they don't need them.  It takes two hands to close them into a circle so I leave them open and toss them between the passenger seat and the door.  

Warning: I make sure the auto shades are pushed back far enough so they don't obscure my side view mirror (see arrow in photo on left).  When I have passengers I tell them to thrown my auto shades in the back seat.  It takes me 8 seconds to put my auto shades up and 4 seconds to take them down and stow them (I timed it).  Sadly I'll never win any money because I feel and look so confident that no one would take my bet.  

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