June 5, 2015

Cheap Equipment That Prevents Cooking Spills

Stroke survivors can prevent messes when they cook by using objects that are lying around the house instead of buying  "adaptive devices" from an expensive medical catalogue.  For example, my hemiplegic hand can't reach up and hold the handle to keep the pot still when I stir food or flip it with a spatula.  You can buy expensive devices that hold a pot still on the stove OR you can use friction.  I slide pots off the burner onto a heat-resistant fabric hot pad before I stir or flip food.  In seven years I've never had a pot move.

An even more delicious way to keep money in my pocket is to use the plastic lid from a peanut butter jar.  This lid catches spills I make when measuring spices or messy food like olive oil.  I don't have to stop cooking to clean up a mess I've just made on my counter top.  Using spices is a matter of life-and-death because I'm on a low salt diet to help control my high blood pressure.  Low salt food tastes awful without lots of spices.  I'm glad I found a cheap way to prevent another stroke.

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