March 15, 2015

Reviewing Adapted Knives

When I eat out I order soft food that can be cut with a fork, like fish and pasta.  At home I have rocker knives that let me press down on the food to hold it still while a rocking motion cuts the food.  The photo shows two rocker knives.  The long knife in the photo on the right is the most commonly used one.  However, the photo below shows that this rocker knife does not fit in my purse.
I use an across-the-body purse because straps slide off my shoulder. This was OK when I was able-bodied because I had a free hand to keep pushing the strap back up.  I found a small purse called the Terrace Shoulder Pouch at  Putting the purse in front of my body keeps it out of the way when I reach forward with my cane.  I have larger over-the-shoulder bags, but they stick out so far I look like a pregnant walrus.  A smaller knife is on the left in photo above.  I think it looks like an assassin's weapon so I use it at home to cut vegetables.   

I love the Verti-Grip Professional Knife from It is held vertically so my whole arm can press down as I rock the blade side-to-side.  The rocker knife shown above is held horizontally so I create downwards pressure only with my index finger. The VertiGrip's sharp blade cuts though steak and pork chops.  It is only six inches long so it fits completely inside my purse.  It has a protective cover that slides off easily so I put the VertiGrip in a small zip-lock bag to protect the inside of my purse.  The Verti-Grip costs $17.95 + S&H, but I think it is worth it.


  1. Like this one
    Except it doesn't look like a rocker knife, never mind I'm looking at it wrong.
    Or here:

  2. Thanks for the info Dean. I will buy one and give it a try.

  3. I never realized when able-bodied how challenging it is to keep a purse strap on my shoulder. I can use only one purse in my collection now, because it slings across my body at the right height for me to reach into it, and it has a snap closure. I don't do zippers!

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