March 29, 2015

Memory Aids Have to Be in My Face

When I forgot to pick up a friend I felt guilty.  She blamed herself because she thought she had remembered the wrong date.  This painful experience taught me that memory aids have to be in my face.  I can repeatedly ignore reminders that are sitting in an out of the way place.  

1.  The current month sits on my kitchen table where I eat breakfast.  I use 1 colored tab to mark the next important an date and move it when the event is over.                                     2.  I fold the page for each month in half and put them in a napkin holder.  Pieces of paper are stuffed in their respective month.  The arrow is pointing to a month with a postcard from my dentist reminding me to make an appointment.  I got that postcard six weeks ago.  If I had put the postcard on my kitchen counter, who knows where it would be now.    
3.  I keep sticky Post-It notes and a pen every where I sit so I can write notes and stick them on my shirt.  If I leave the note on my shirt too long it falls off when I walk.  When that happens I stop what I am doing and do what is written on the note.

A word of caution about memory aids.  What helps one person remember does not make a bit of sense to another person.  The memory aids I use are only examples that may help you discover memory aids that work for you.  Negotiate with your family to find a prominent place you can put your memory aids.  It may require others to adjust to a few changes, but they will benefit from your improved memory.

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