February 3, 2015

Snow Strategies, Part 3

I was lucky.  Trenton, NJ got only 4 inches of snow from Blizzard Juno instead of the 18 inches they predicted.  I cleared my sidewalk by pushing the light fluffy snow with a small light shovel while wearing snow boots (click here).  However, clearing snow off my car is always a balance challenge.  Before I lean my chest and stomach against the car for support I don an apron I do not tie.  An arrow is pointing at a smudge mark that ended up on the apron instead of my coat.  My sound hand and forearm cannot handle the weight of a long device for pushing snow off a car so I use a shorter, lighter device designed to clean windshields.  By 2 p.m. my car was free of snow. 

As I was driving to my breakfast club the next morning I thought about the people in Maine who got clobbered with 35 inches of snow and 50 mile per winds that created tall snow drifts.  That image triggered memories from my summer vacation in Maine two years ago.  I remembered the people who smiled at me as I walked around.  Instead of pretending they did not see me, many people initiated eye contact and smiled before I did.  Perhaps people who live in a harsh climate feel a connection with people who know how to defeat adversity.

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  1. Interesting....so maybe its the gorgeous weather in Socal that makes people here rude? Owell, I'd rather smile at the grumps here as I enjoy the warm sunshine than deal with friendly people shoveling mountains of snow. ;) I couldn't imagine that harsh winter climate.