February 24, 2015

Equipment that is WalMart Cheap

When I was an OT student I was taught to shop in expensive medical catalogs.  Now that I am a stroke survivor and living on a fixed income this is the last place I look.  First I shop at local stores and then go on-line.  Merchandise designed for able-bodied people can often function as an adaptive device for a stroke survivor.  Two inexpensive items are over-the-door plastic hooks and non-slip shelf liner.  I use a plastic hook to hang a terry-cloth bathrobe on a towel bar so it is next to my towel.  Another plastic hook keeps the head of the shower hose off the floor of my tub when I'm finished showering.

If I didn't have non-slip shelf liner under the pill container it would start slipping away from me as soon as I reached in to get a pill.  I'm glad non-slip shelf liner comes in neutral colors that don't clash with my decor because I have small pieces of it all over my house.

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  1. You are just beginning your blog and I love it already. So, I have notified my Woman's Club so they may learn from your experience. Thank you for doing this.