June 25, 2016

Reheating Food Safely

Warning: Using a microwave requires safety awareness

The problem with family or friends leaving a dish for a stroke survivor to heat up in the microwave is that the thumb knocks the lid off when you pick up a dish one-handed.  Heating uncovered food in the microwave makes a mess. 

When I take a hot dish out of the microwave my sound hand is protected by a hot mitt and my hot mitt is protected by plastic wrap.  You might wonder why a stroke survivor would use plastic wrap when it gives people with two good hands a run for their money.  Before I started using plastic wrap I had to wash my hot mitts repeatedly.  The mitt would get dirty when I slid my thumb into the dish so I could get a firm grip on the edge.

Go on-line to see the  "food wrap box."  It cuts the plastic wrap in one blow when I shut the lid.  Stretching the wrap over the dish is easy too.  I place the box next to the dish.  As I pull the plastic wrap out, the weight of the dish holds the food wrap box still.

Using plastic wrap also means I do not need a food strainer.
I use a hot mitt on my sound hand to hold he dish over the sink to let the water drain out.  The arrow is pointing at a flap of plastic wrap that is open.  I did not do this.  The water did it for me.
I lose a couple of pieces of small food now and then, but keeping my sound hand safe while handling hot dishes is priceless.


  1. The trick for me is finding a lefty oven mitt. Most of them are made for a righty.