September 30, 2015

Bathing When I Travel

Caution.  This folding stool may not be safe if you are heavy or need physical assistance to stand up and sit down. 

Thank God I found a folding shower stool I can bring when I visit people who do not have a handicapped bathroom.  Thank God a luggage saleswoman suggested I transport the stool in a nylon garment bag because the stool is too wide for anything but the widest suitcase.  I bought this stool at a local medical supply house instead of buying it on-line.  I wanted to (a) see if I could open it myself and (b) feel how sturdy it felt when I sat on it.  After I'm done showering I drape a bath towel over the closed toilet lid, place the folded stool on the towel, and use the ends of the towel to wipe off the water.  I drape the towel over the folded stool and find a place in the bathroom to keep it out of people's way. 

Is a shower stool compensation for my bad balance?  Yes.  Does this make me sad?  No. 
This adaptive device has allowed me to travel to see family and friends, present at conferences,
go on vacation, and find shelter when the power goes out (e.g. hurricane Sandy).  

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