March 16, 2016

My Car Key

When I started driving after my stroke I learned a painful lesson.  When I went to throw out the junk that had accumulated on the passenger's seat, my hemiplegic (paralyzed) hand cannot hold thin objects like a car key.  To free my sound hand I put the key on the dashboard.  When I was finished cleaning I locked and shut the door. To my horror I saw my car key on the dashboard.  My purse with the extra key was on the driver's seat.  As I waited for the American Automobile Association (AAA) to rescue me I vowed never to do this again.

Of course I did it again, but this time I was 40 miles from home.  I went to get a newspaper off the back seat.  My big city streetsmarts made me lock and close the front door.  After I retrieved the paper I locked and shut the back door.  Once again I was looking at my purse on the driver's seat.  For 45 years I put my car key in one hand for two seconds so I could grab something with my other hand.  While I waited for AAA a second time I finally admitted that I cannot be trusted to remember where my car key is when it is not in my non-dominant hand. 

I went to Home Depot and bought a flexible wrist coil I can attach keys to.  Now when I get out my car key it goes: (1) in my coat or pants pocket or (2) on my wrist.  I prefer to slip the coil on my wrist because the pressure on my wrist says it is safe to close the car door.  I'm happy to report that I have not locked my key in the car since I spent $1.97 for this cheap adaptive device.
P.S.  The coil makes it easy to find the key is my purse. 

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  1. Good idea. I really like this one. I am really dependent on the wrist strap on my cane or I would be dropping it all the time so I imagine that there are lots of things the wrist coil could help with.

    This old car we just got me has a remote start on a basic key ring along with the key. The remote is helping me find the car easier. I still don't recognize the car as mine, and I never remember exactly where I leave it in a parking lot so the remote start is proving very handy. What I don't have is a second set of keys for the car. After reading your post I put "order more keys" on our "to do" list.