May 31, 2015

Getting to See My Family

I am going on a ten day trip to see my brother Mark.  We have not seen each other for two years because the horrific snow storms last winter made it too difficult to travel at Christmas.  He is looking forward to showing me his new boat and doing fun things together in Michigan.  We keep in touch via telephone, but I am looking forward to seeing him in person and giving him a big hug. 

My brother was four years old when I left home for college.  My memories of him were about helping take care of him.  We did not really get to know each other until we were both adults.  I was surprised to learn that our personalities are amazingly alike and we like many of the same things.
I have seen families drift apart after both parents die so I do not take his friendship for granted.  

I will be traveling with a GPS device.  Since my stroke I cannot hold a map or written directions while driving because I cannot let go of the spinner knob on the steering wheel (see arrow) that lets me steer one-handed.  I am glad my GPS device gives specific directions, like "turn right at Exit 29B to Monroe."  It is reassuring to see a sign that says "Monroe Exit 29B" a few seconds later 


  1. Have a great visit with your brother. it is wonderful that you two are friends and 2 years must feel like a long time to be away.

    I love having a GPS unit in the car; it may have saved my marriage.
    I find I am now severely directionally challenged. I always think we turned the wrong way and feel an overwhelming sense of panic. Bob put up the GPS unit and told me to argue with it not him. I happily watch the tiny car head the right direction and feel okay. I'm pretty sure Bob likes hearing another woman's voice that sounds encouraging coming out of the machine even if HE isn't lost.

  2. My sister was born the summer before I left for college. Have a wonderful trip!

  3. I'm a little late in commenting, so if you have already been, I hope it was great, if you haven't gone yet.......have a great time.