July 31, 2015

Canes Do More Than Help You Walk

1) Socializing. You know how people start talking to a dog and then realize they should talk to the human holding the leash?  Strangers also talk to stroke survivors who have pretty canes.  I have stopped counting the number of times strangers have said to me "That's a pretty cane."  This gives me a chance to smile and say "Thank you, I like it too."  Little girls cannot keep their eyes off my cane with purple flowers as I walk past.  Their too young to realize it is an ambulatory device instead of a toy or a fashion accessory.

2) Transporting. It is hard to transport small objects when my sound hand is busy handling the cane.  At first I put objects in a small paper gift bag.  I held my cane and the bag's string handles in my sound hand.  The bag would swing and repeatedly hit my cane so I did not feel safe when I was walking.  Paper gift bags also fall apart with repeated use.
I found an attractive small nylon bag at Barnes and Nobles bookstore.  To keep it from swinging I attached self-stick Velcro to my cane and the bag (see the white line in the photo).  The Velcro on the bag eventually comes lose so I use a stapler to attach it more firmly.


  1. On those days when my balance is off and I'm afraid to walk around the house without assistance, I use a walker that has a seat and a basket when I want to carry something. The walker comes in handy for those big trips at the store too because I do have a place to sit and rest.

  2. Sometimes I think my canes is too girly for me, but my little girl says, "but *I* love your cane!"

    I probably don't need a cane a lot, I've found that it's a good visual cue for other people. If I'm slow, my speech is funny, etc., they don't rush me because they see the cane.

  3. My 21 year old daughter bought me my pretty paisley cane saying just cause I use a cane was no reason not to be fashionable! lol

    I use the cane mainly outside the house. My big issue is my balance and I am relying very heavily on visual cues to keep track of which direction up is. I still need the walker if it is dark or odd lighting conditions or I get too tried.

  4. I keep every ambulatory aide I buy so I can deal with different situations like the ones you mentioned.